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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Downloadable images: ~ These will be available for download immediately following the acceptance of payment.
Print images: ~  Each print is produced one at a time by a professional printer on special fine art paper. A delay of a few days is to be expected before dispatch can take place. Thereafter the usual courrier and postal lead times woud normally apply. Prints are wrapped in acid-free paper and rolled into a special postal tube and sealed for delivery, at the printers. All orders will be sent by registered mail or courrier for security.
All orders will be processed in the shortest possible time.

Privacy & Security
All details provided by customers, subscribers and contributors will be kept in accordance to best practise rules prevailing in the industry. No personal details, whatsover will be given to any third party.

Returns & Replacements
Any prints received by a purchaser which do not give complete satisfaction may be returned to the supplier and will be credited to the ppurchaser in the shortest reasonable delay; on condition that the print is received at the suppliers in good condition and that the original payment has been made completely. Alternatively, at the request of the purchaser, a new print may be exchanged for the original.

All orders should normally be placed on the website as indicated by the check-out system. Should any special request be required, the purchaser is most welcome to contact us by using the form in the section "Contact Us".

Payment gateways are available on the website. The webmaster and contributors to this site have no resposability whatsoever for any problems arising with these organisations. All transactions are covered by the laws of South Africa.